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MDC ENGINEERING designs and markets production lines for the continuous vulcanisation of VulcanoClean® elastomer extruded profiles.

The VulcanoClean® line is a continuous salt bath curing (LCM) line with the following advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly : recycling of salts, treatment of fumes and washing water in a closed circuit

  • Productive : speeds of up to 120 metres/minute Economical: very low energy consumption per kg vulcanised

  • Universal : process suitable for all types of polymers

  • Precise : control of profile dimensions and mechanical properties

  • Reliable : reproducibility and homogeneity

  • Flexible : several profiles can be produced simultaneously

In addition, MDC ENGINEERING can adapt the VulcanoClean® process to existing LCM salt bath lines and offer a number of complementary services, including :

  • Project management: from a single piece of LCM equipment to a complete production line

  • A technical assistance contract: carried out by MDC Engineering’s expert engineers, this includes drawing up specifications, advising suppliers, and technical acceptance prior to final installation.

  • A production tool: supply and commissioning of a supervision and statistical control system for quality monitoring by the line’s end users.

  • After-sales service and remote maintenance

  • Specific supply of additional equipment on request (upstream and/or downstream of the line).

Jean-Baptiste de Chamisso : Revolution in the industrial world of vulcanisation

An engineer, Jean-Baptiste de Chamisso worked from 1987 onwards to develop a new generation of equipment for the rubber industry, within the specialist company Durferrit®, world leader in salt bath technologies (industrial applications from 140°C to 1250°C for the thermal and thermochemical treatment of metals). He is the inventor of the VulcanoClean® lines for continuous vulcanisation in salt baths (LCM) of extruded polymer profiles; a pollution-free technology that is now world-renowned.

His work has given rise to a revolution in the industrial world of vulcanisation. The environmentally-friendly VulcanoClean® process incorporates a salt and washing water recycling system, with low energy consumption. Today, it is unrivalled on the market for LCM-type vulcanisation lines.

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