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With this service, MDC Engineering becomes the overall industrial architect of an investment project ranging from the simple takeover of a VulcanoClean® LCM line to the complete production line, including definition and upstream and downstream components, right through to finished extruded and packaged products ready for dispatch. Once the project has been defined and budgeted for, the customer can either consult the various suppliers separately or take advantage of the technical assistance contract offered by MDC Engineering.

consulting MDC Engineering

Technical Assistance

Through this service, MDC Engineering defines all the specifications for each component of a production line, in its entirety, then consults, selects and chooses with the customer from among the chosen suppliers. As soon as the line contains the VulcanoClean® process, MDC Engineering undertakes to take charge of the technical acceptance before delivery of each component of the line, installation and start-up, debugging and training until the line complies with the customer’s overall production objective.

assistance technique MDC Engineering

Control and Supervision

In partnership with a specialist company, MDC Engineering offers a production control and monitoring system that takes into account all the equipment involved in the production cycle, including final packaging before dispatch. This system, which can be adapted to an existing line, communicates with the individual supervision and control systems for each machine. The system can be adapted to an existing line, and communicates with the individual supervision and control systems specific to each machine. It allows all parameters to be read and recorded, and monitored for quality over time, and enables global production recipes and statistical work to be created.

contrôle et supervision MDC

After-sales service / Remote maintenance

Generally implemented via a VPN Internet link in communication with the production line’s central PLC and with all the necessary confidentiality requirements, it enables our customers to receive technical assistance from MDC Engineering, regardless of distance, time or location, in order to diagnose any breakdown or anomaly and to make remote programme updates according to the customer’s choice and after commissioning.

Assitance technique MDC Engineering

Specific machines

MDC Engineering, which has been developing all kinds of equipment and machines for over 22 years in the extruded polymer profiles sector, can work in partnership with specialist companies to supply specific machines such as: mixers, filtering machines, extruders, laser dimensional control, laser marking, caterpillars, in-line lubricant impregnation or surface treatments, dancers, automatic cutting and winding machines, length measurement or any in-line machining operation, in-line loading and packaging machines, etc.

machines spécifiques MDC Engineering

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