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in Cooperation with Durferrit®

Exclusive distributor of the innovative and environmentally-friendly VulcanoClean® vulcanisation line: VulcanoClean®; in collaboration with the world leader in salt bath technologies, Durferrit® GmbH.

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M.D.C Engineering offers you unrivalled expertise in the manufacture of salt bath lines and flue gas treatment.

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M.D.C Engineering offers a full range of services to help you realise your ideas, from design to commissioning.

Innovative, environmentally-friendly vulcanisation line

MDC ENGINEERING designs and markets production lines for the continuous vulcanisation of VulcanoClean® elastomer extruded profiles.

The innovation of the VulcanoClean® vulcanisation line (LCM: Liquid Curing Media) lies in its EcoClean process, an ecological revolution in the field, which recycles salts and treats fumes and washing water in a closed circuit for lines designed for the continuous extrusion of rubber profiles (EPDM, NR, CR, SBR, etc.).

In addition to supplying VulcanoClean® LCM lines, MDC ENGINEERING can also adapt the VulcanoClean® process to existing LCM salt bath lines. In addition, MDC ENGINEERING guarantees optimised installation of its lines at its customers’ sites.

M.D.C Engineering offers


With this service, MDC Engineering becomes the overall industrial architect of an investment project, from the simple takeover of a VulcanoClean® LCM line to a complete production line.

Technical assistance

Through this service, MDC Engineering defines all the specifications for each component of a production line, in its entirety, and then consults, selects and chooses with the customer from among the chosen suppliers.


MDC Engineering offers a production control and monitoring system in partnership with a specialist company that takes into account all the equipment involved in the production cycle, including final packaging before dispatch.

After-sales service

Generally implemented via a VPN Internet link in communication with the production line's central PLC and with all the necessary confidentiality requirements, it enables our customers to receive technical assistance from MDC Engineering.

Specific machines

MDC Engineering, which has been developing all kinds of equipment and machinery for over 22 years in the extruded polymer profiles sector, can work in partnership with specialised companies to supply specific machines such as mixers, filtering machines, extruders, etc.

LCM vulcanisation lines using the VulcanoClean® process

Salt bath technology is recognised worldwide as the best process for the continuous vulcanisation of elastomer profiles, not only for its heat transfer capacity, temperature homogeneity and ease of use, but also for the quality of the resulting surface appearance and mechanical properties, and for its ability to vulcanise all polymer blends.

Since MDC Engineering S.a.r.l. in France, in cooperation with Durferrit® GmbH in Germany, revolutionised salt bath lines at the end of the 90s, making them extremely modern, high-performance and safe, many new applications have seen the light of day. What’s more, thanks to new peroxide mixes that can generally only be vulcanised in a salt bath, productivity levels unimaginable 20 years ago are now being achieved.

Thanks to the VulcanoClean® process, the environmental and energy aspects of the VulcanoClean® process are no longer a weak point compared with competing technologies of the time, such as hot air + microwaves or hot air shock systems. By eliminating pollutant emissions and using submerged heat exchangers for combined electric/gas heating, this process offers the best energy efficiency and the best environmental technology.

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