LCM vulcanisation salt bath line, innovative and environment-friendly

MDC ENGINEERING develops and commercializes production lines for continuous vulcanization of extruded polymers VulcanoClean.


The innovation of the vulcanization LCM line VulcanoClean EcoClean® (LCM : Liquid Curing Media) lies in its process, a true green revolution in this industrial field which allows the recycling of salts, the fumes treatment and rinsing waters as well, in closed circuits for the lines devoted to continuous extrusion of rubber profiles (EPDM, NR, CR, SBR ...).


In addition, MDC ENGINEERING offers to adapt the VulcanoClean process to existing LCM lines and many additional services.


Global project management

By this topic, MDC Engineering proposes a service of global industrial architect of an investment project, from the simple supply of a LCM line VulcanoClean, to a complete production line, including the definition of upstream elements and downstream until the finished extruded products (...)

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Technical Assistance contract

For this service, MDC Engineering defines and sets up all specifications for each element of a production line, in its entirety, and consults, selects and selected with the client from the possible suppliers. As long as the line contains the VulcanoClean process, MDC Engineering is committed to (...)

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Supply and commissioning of a supervising system

MDC Engineering proposes a system for control and monitoring of production in partnership with a specialized company which takes into account all the equipments put into the production cycle play, including possibly until the final packaging before shipment, this system can be adapted to an (...)

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An after-sales service and a possibility of a remote diagnostic maintenance

Usually done by a VPN Internet connection in communication with the central controller of the production line, and with respect of the confidentiality requirements, it allows our customers to receive technical assistance from MDC Engineering, regardless of distance, of time and location, in (...)

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Specific supplies of additional equipments on request (for upstream and / or downstream of the line)

MDC Engineering has developed all kinds of machinery and equipment since over 22 years in the industry of extruded polymers, and so, can offer in partnership with specialist companies providing of specific machines such as mixer, strainers, extruders, laser dimensional measuring system, laser (...)

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