• Vulcanoclean

LCM Vulcanization lines according to the VulcanoClean process

The salt bath technology is recognized worldwide as the best method for continuous vulcanization of elastomer profiles, both in its ability to fast transfer heat, the temperature uniformity and simplicity of implementation, the surface quality with soft skin appearance, as well as the good mechanical properties linked to the LCM process and the possibility to vulcanise of all kind of polymer blends.


Since MDC Engineering S.a.r.l. in France in cooperation with the company Durferrit ® GmbH in Germany in the late 90s, has revolutionized the bath salt lines to make them extremely modern, efficient and secure, many new applications appeared. In addition, thanks to new peroxide blends which can usually only be vulcanised in LCM lines, very high productivities, unimaginable 20 years ago, are now reached.


The environmental aspect, and the energy aspect as well, which were weak points twenty years ago than competing technologies of the time such as hot air + microwave or hot air shock systems, have made the LCM technology as being the leader with the most efficiency with less energy per kg and the best technology environment-friendly in comparison with competing techniques, and these, thanks to the process named VulcanoClean for the removal of pollutant emissions and combining a heating by means of immersed heat exchangers electric / gas through the liquid salt, that is the new generation of LCM lines proposed by MDC Engineering


The installation consists of a salt bath shaped in long pot, named "vulcanization tunnel" (Part 1), in association with a washing system and highly efficient cooling, called "Ecoclean" (Part 2) in order to ensure rigorous washing and recover 100% of the salt dragged out the tunnel by extruded profiles.


This "Ecoclean" is associated with an evaporator furnace, gas heated (or electrically in alternative), called "SWV oven" (Part 3) having three main functions :

  • - make a continuous salt circulation and a continuous filtration by removing carbonates,
  • - transferring heat in working condition to the whole salt of the assembly line,
  • - treat the salt in a closed circuit by means of a very elaborated furnace designed with double-chamber and clean up the concentrated water from wash system by evaporation.


The salt is continuously circulated between the "SWV oven" and "vulcanization tunnel" through tubing immersed.

The salt, contaminated by the floating particles and organic impurities in suspension, returns to the SWV furnace where it is filtered and processed and recycled in closed circuit to the line.

At the end of the vulcanising tunnel, the profile crosses through a patented washing /cooling machine, called Ecoclean that cleans and captures 100% of the dragged out salt in steps aiming to purify and recycle.

With the process VulcanoClean, additions of salt are only in proportion to the volume of solid muds removed by the system, that is to say extremely small.

From this VulcanoClean process, the following benefits appear:

  • - Work at constant level of salt
  • - Have a better heat exchange and greater temperature uniformity.
  • - Collect permanently all the impurities arising during the vulcanising
  • - Significantly reduce the risk of clogging the salt spraying systems
  • - To wash, cool and dry thoroughly all profiles
  • - Greatly reduce the consumption of salt (reduced to the volume of sludge)


  • - Significantly reduce water consumption (between 20 and 40 times less !)
  • - Optimize and minimize energy consumption
  • - Automate maximum production while minimizing all operations start-up and maintenance.
  • - Eliminate the risk of fire
  • - Treat air emissions

High-tech version and the economical version

In order to be able to meet all budgets, MDC Engineering offers its VulcanoClean process in standard "high-tech" and in a more economical version called EVSB

Worldwide references

With over one hundred facilities in over 85 countries since almost 22 years, including nearly 32 lines applying the complete process VulcanoClean and 18 adaptations of the VulcanoClean process onto existing lines since 1995, MDC Engineering in cooperation with Durferrit® became the leader for LCM high-tech continuous vulcanization technology for extruded polymers, proposing safe, productive and economic system in harmony with the environment.