• Adaptation

Adaptation of the VulcanoClean process on existing LCM lines

The LCM salt bath technology is probably one of the oldest for continuous vulcanization of extruded profiles and a very large number of rows remain working in the industrialized world, most of which are not in compliance with safety and environmental. MDC Engineering proposes to study the adaptation of VulcanoClean process. After study, some customers preferred the investment of a new line, but to date, we have over 18 references of adaptation.

Adaptation for the treatment of vulcanising fumes

Adaptation of devices for treatments of fumes for all kind of existing continuous vulcanization lines for extruded profiles.

These last few years the legislation on air emissions has increased significantly, leading companies to reflect on their existing production resources and their future production in term of environment-friendly. Today, reinforced by his works to design the VulcanoClean process in compliance with environment, MDC Engineering can propose to adapt some of its devices on existing lines, whatever is the type of LCM or possibly the UHF / hot air processes, in order to improve or solve the problem of atmospheric emissions.