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MDC Engineering

MDC ENGINEERING designs and sells production lines named VulcanoClean for continuous vulcanization of extruded elastomer.

The VulcanoClean is a line of continuous vulcanization in salt baths (LCM) which has the following advantages:

  • Ecological : salts are recycled, treatment of vulcanisation fumes and the rinsing waters in a closed circuit
  • Productive : up to a speed of 120 meters / minute
  • Economic : very low energy consumption per kg vulcanized
  • Universal : suitable method for all types of polymers
  • Accurate : control of sections size and of mechanical properties
  • Reliable : high reproducibility and homogeneity
  • Flexible : ability to produce several profiles simultaneously


In addition, MDC ENGINEERING offers to adapt the VulcanoClean process to existing LCM lines and many additional services, including through:


  • Project management: from a simple LCM equipment, as well as a complicated complete production line
  • A Technical Assistance contract: performed by expert engineers of MDC Engineering, that is to say: the development of specifications, the advised board for choosing of suppliers, the prior technical receptions before making the final technical implementation.
  • A production tool for quality management: supply and commissioning of a supervising system and of statistical controls for quality monitoring by end users online.
  • A service after sales by means of remote maintenance diagnostics
  • The supply of specific additional equipments on request (upstream and / or downstream of the line)


Our team

Jean-Baptiste de Chamisso

Gwenn de Chamisso

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MDC ENGINEERING conçoit et commercialise des lignes de production pour la vulcanisation continue de profilés extrudés élastomères VulcanoClean®


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