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MDC ENGINEERING "in Cooperation with Durferrit®: Founded by Jean-Baptiste de Chamisso, MDC ENGINEERING is the exclusive distributor of the LCM vulcanisation salt bath line, innovative and environment-friendly, named VulcanoClean, in collaboration with the World leader of technologies by  salt liquid bath : Durferrit ® GmbH.
The innovation of the vulcanization line (LCM: Liquid Curing Media) VulcanoClean lies in its patented machine: EcoClean, green revolution in this business field which allows the integral recycling of the whole vulcanisation salts, the treatment of fumes and of all rinsing waters, with work in closed circuit, and so for all kind of LCM lines used for the extrusion and the continuous vulcanisation of profiled rubber (EPDM, NR, CR, SBR ...).



Focus Jean-Baptiste de Chamisso

Engineer, Jean-Baptiste de Chamisso has worked since 1987 to develop a new generation of equipment for the rubber industry in the specialized company Durferrit ®, the worldwide leader of salt bath technologies (industrial applications 140 ° C to 1250 ° C for heat treatments and thermo chemical treatments of metals). He is the inventor of LCM VulcanoClean lines for continuous vulcanization in salt baths of extruded polymers, a pollution-free technology, now worldwide recognized.

His work has spawned a revolution in the industrial world of vulcanization. The process VulcanoClean, environmentally friendly, incorporates a recirculation system and an efficient washing system specifically with a reclaiming salt system, as well as with low energy consumption. Today it is no comparison on the market and has not any equivalent to the VulcanoClean.

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MDC ENGINEERING conçoit et commercialise des lignes de production pour la vulcanisation continue de profilés extrudés élastomères VulcanoClean®


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